‘Aalborg deserves, being one of the larger Danish cities, an interesting and not least inspirational urban space. The reality of today is that very little contemporary art enriches Aalborg–or the people living in it. Street art, public art, already exists in Denmark, and can be seen in particularly larger cities. WEAArt is, however, the first festival in Denmark to focus entirely on murals.WEAArt is a project intending to create and add new ways of expression, as an inspiration and innovation for rethinking our view of public space in our city. A space created to surprise, marvel and excite – and susceptible to alternative artistic arenas.’ — WEAArt. The newspaper was designed for the WEAArt (2018) campaign, showcasing street art, from the world’s best street artists in Aalborg, Denmark. Completed with Studio Claus Due.




Editorial Design


Project Completed with Studio Claus Due