Elliot Fox ‘Idol Hands’  presents a wealth of source and visual references, alongside original drawings from the artist’s unique and expanded narrative of imagery stemming from alternative means of communication such as braille, morse code and sign language. The publication formed a part of the installation of Elliot Fox’s solo exhibition at Platform Southwark, that introduced the natural to act as an organic antithesis to his industrial influences. Idol Hands features an essay from writer and curator Charlie Mills that explores the history and societal influence of dance music and rave culture, a subculture that features prominently in Elliot’s continued artistic investigation of Britain’s post-industrial history. We worked closely with Elliot and publishers Foolscap Editions to produce a publication that would support the exhibition and it’s visual identity that we produced. The publication was printed using 2 colour risograph (red or blue variation) and the cover a 2 colour silkscreen finish with 3M reflective ink.


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