Gallery (Recordings) is a record label specialising in management, events and apparel in electronic music. Born in Marrickville, Sydney and driven by a community ethos, Gallery celebrates art and everyone that brings it to life. Gallery is a label that has no sonic boundaries, driven by the emotive response the music evokes. Studio Thomas Hatton engaged with Gallery to create a new visual identity and system for the record label. Studio Thomas Hatton has an ongoing partnership and collaboration with Gallery, involving creative direction and the design of all of the brand’s visual communications, including event artworks, release artworks, promotional material and much more.


The brand identity is inspired by an audience’s expression and movements to create different feelings and compositions on the dancefloor and a venue as a whole. Taking inspiration from the ever-changing motion of club spaces, utilising graphic elements that shift and contort, those with the freedom to express themselves and move around as they please. The result is a dynamic and flexible system–resembling the nature of dance floors that Gallery and its audience hold so dear. ‘Gallery’ houses the ‘art’–people, music, content, design, emotions and more. The graphics and shapes used are purposefully non-conventional and glitch-like, to express and create a curious and abstract feeling. The design elements are informed by electronic equipment used to produce and play the kinds of music the label embodies, such as modular synths, controllers and drum machines. These inspirations are referenced and expressed in the form of grid systems, shapes and graphic devices.



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